Autism Acceptance on the Rise

Autism Spectrum disorders were seen to be extremely rare as recently as 30 years ago, however, with an increase in diagnostic tools and specialists, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports incidence rates of 1 in 68 people falling somewhere on the Autism Spectrum!

With the rise in the incidence rates of ASD, it is not surprising that those with the diagnosis are beginning to make themselves heard. Thankfully, the days of shame and blame are slowly fading. With the list of ‘suspected’ famous Aspies growing (e.g., Bill Gates, Glenn Gould, Lionel Messi, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Susan Boyle, Albert Einstein, Jerry Seinfeld etc.) and popularized fictional characters on television shows (e.g., All My Children, St. Elsewhere, Boston Legal, Grey’s Anatomy, Coronation Street, House, and Big Bang Theory) it is not surprising that more and more individuals are coming out of the diagnostic closet.

If the CDC numbers are close to true…that would mean that approximately 15 employees out of 1,000 would be somewhere on the spectrum. Of course, certain occupations would likely have a higher hit rate if we look at some stereotypical jobs like IT, software development, programming, library sciences, university professors, etc.

As more and more individuals with ASD enter the workforce, our goal is to help them succeed. At Spectrum Works consulting, we help individuals on the autism spectrum overcome employment challenges and understand their unique abilities with services like Career Exploration Coaching and Supported Employment. If you, or someone you know, are on the autism spectrum and looking to next step towards a career, we are only a phone call (or email) away.

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