At Spectrum Works, we design programs to help human resources department and managers advocate for neurodiversity in the workplace and engage, onboard and support employees on the spectrum.

Workplace Professional Training

We provide training and share our expertise in psychological health and neurodiversity with employers so they can provide relevant support to their employees.

Workplace Inclusion Readiness

This service is for human resources specialists and managers who need help identifying bias in existing recruiting and onboarding processes to ensure all employees are set up for success. Our workshops and consultations will help you design onboarding for the unique needs of employees on the spectrum.


We offer ongoing consultations to help employers understand the unique benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace. Learn about the strengths and challenges of employees on the spectrum and how the right mental health supports can help them make a positive impact within the organization.

Employee Assistance Program

We help employers create tailored programs and mental health supports for employees on the spectrum. Our clinical specialists can design supports for a variety of challenges, from anxiety and depression to autism-related issues like sensory issues, emotional regulation, executive functioning, communication challenges and more.

Latest Posts

Our response to COVID 19

Dear valued families and clients of Westcoast Child Development Group and Spectrum Works Consulting Group, As a result of directives from the government and health officials regarding the global health crisis, we have decided to take measures to guard the health and safety of our clients, staff, and clinicians while continuing to provide support and […]

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ASD Traits We Could All Use

While many treatment protocols and supports for individuals with ASD are geared to reduce symptoms–to help them ‘fit in’ to society–it is important to note that there are many ASD symptoms that could (and should) be adopted by the larger society. Listed below are some general traits that have been associated with ASD and that we […]

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